What’s Megan Markle Got on Prince Harry?

All about money, fame and jewels.

I have been watching the side show that has been going on with the Royals compliments of Megan Markle and Prince Harry trying to maintain an objective stance. However, the matter is worse than I feared from the beginning. Harry was sought out to be a pawn for Black America.

Let me explain. I have tried to remain objective about Megan Markle because after all, she presents as a beautiful person and appears to be intelligent. Like many mixed-race persons in Black America, she seems to have developed a complex regarding her race and the royal family.

Although she has stated that she never felt racism in America, I do not believe that to be true. Why? Because within the Black American diaspora there has always been jealousies and disparities between those who were considered pure black and others who were of mixed race.

From the inception, I thought her meteoric rise was planned and that her path to attaining Prince Harry was rigged and a set-up. Nonetheless, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. After carefully watching her antics once the Queen passed, I then deduced that my original assessment of the couple’s relationship was on point.

Prince Harry was sought out due to his prior drug issues and his bouts with depression. Capricious Black Americans viewed him as the weakest link and a way into the royal family. To them, he appeared “easy for the pickins”. Her mission was to lure him away from the royals at which point she would shout racism and send the whole world into a frenzy distracting them from the real issue at hand.

The fact is she entered the royal family to shake them down. Otherwise known as the Megan hustle. She is not unleashing her plan of suffocating Harry and emasculating him alone. She has help from the ill-meaning side of the black community that are desperate for money and power. They are not above strong arming and abusive behavior. I would even go as far as saying they are planning a coup.

I do not think the Black elites are happy with her wranglings though since she had one job to do and that was to be the best Duchess possible bringing pride and accolades to her people. Instead, she chose to make waves by bitching, moaning, and whining. When those mechanisms did not work, she played the race card.

She is not the first woman to have an interracial marriage. Everyone knows there are always issues to be addressed. Now she has created mega drama making her race look completely idiotic for not respecting British culture, the royal way of life and just being generally nonchalant about pomp and circumstance.

If an English person were to make fun of any Black American vernacular and customs…OMG! The press would be in a tizzy and there would be marches and riots everywhere. Her public exhibitions the past few weeks have made me certain that Prince Harry is a pawn in a very dangerous and sadistic game of power and control.

I am saying this because since the Queen’s death weird things have been happening in America such as off the charts voting issues and the strange assumption of power within the American congress. Originally, shoe-ins for the position of Nancy Pelosi were House Majority Steny Hoyer and House Majority Leader Whip James Clyburn (both democrats). These individuals are part of the old boy’s network in Washington but for some reason they were pushed aside for Hakim Jeffries who would be considered “young blood” in politics.

I have found it strange that all these old-timers suddenly decided to “step aside” from a lifetime of politics. Also, the fact that Nancy Pelosi experienced bamboozling right before the elections since her home was broken into. I have secretly dubbed Prince Harry and Megan Markle “Bonnie and Clyde” because their malarkey seems kind of gangster at times. I would not rule out the idea that Megan Markle has aspirations to run for political office sometime in the near future.

Several months ago, many Brits and even Americans were up in arms about Megan Markle participating in American politics by voting and making commentaries because that is not what Royals do. They are supposed to be neutral. The more I observe the shenanigans unfolding is the more I believe that she is trying to destroy the monarchy by any means necessary.

Prince Harry is going along for the ride because she has somehow found a way to use his weaknesses against him. He may have wanted out of the royal family but not in the way Megan Markle has tried to unravel. The vendetta that has been unleashed on the Royals is not only directed towards the royal family. It is pay back for all Caucasians’ transgressions.

She may have said she never experienced racism in America but the folks behind her antics are making it about all whites and not just the monarchy. This matter is huge and if people are not careful it could lead to a civil war of sorts in America and Britain. It is obvious that Prince Harry and Megan Markle did not have a plan when deciding to exit the United Kingdom.

Therefore, many of their plots and schemes were substantiated by the folks who want to use and abuse their clout like the Eurythmic song that goes “Some of them want to use you, some of them want to abuse you….”

Megan’s sweet dream was thinking that she could obliterate Kate Middleton while stomping all over the monarchy. Although she may have been successful in creating a whole lot of sensationalism about her life in the United Kingdom, by now everyone is aware of her hidden agenda. The Queen may be gone but the rest of the family are just not tolerating anymore of her nonsense and untoward behavior.


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